Our limousines

Business Limousines Transfer

Business Limousines Transfer

Luxury as standard

Wherever you want to go, there’s always a comfortable Mercedes-Benz S-class waiting for you. Clean inside and out, perfectly maintained and equipped with Wi-Fi on board. Our limousines have a long wheelbase so you have extra space to work or relax. You choose luxury transport on purpose; for that, we don’t make any concessions.

Decorum is the norm

A spotless car and well-dressed drivers who treat you courteously, in English and German too. We open the door for you, help with your baggage and are flexible to fit in with your schedule. From experience, we know that your day can look very different after only one phone call, and with that your destination can change as well. Is your flight delayed? We’ll wait for you. Does your meeting finish an hour earlier? We’ll start the car as soon as you come out. No surprises, ever.

Bart Sprangers van Business Limousines

Bart Sprangers van Business Limousines

Our fleet:

  • Newest Mercedes S-class vehicles
  • Wi-Fi on board
  • Cleaned daily
  • Ready for use 24/7

Arne van Dussen van Business Limousines

Arne van Dussen van Business Limousines


Our drivers:

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Professional training with Interseco and Bruseco certification
  • Good language skills and tourism knowledge
  • Discreet and professional
  • Always in suit and tie




Business Limousines

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